Happyfit Circuit Class is a group class lasting one hour with background music for motivation. It is fun and varied and it will get you toned and fit.  After warming up and mobilising your joints, you will do a circuit of 12 different exercises (called stations) one after the other for 30-45 seconds each (with recovery in-between) and then you will do it again! The second circuit will last for longer (usually 60 seconds) with no recovery between stations. Cool-down and stretching are also performed after the main session is complete.

You determine how hard you work – level of exercise, speed and weights lifted are up to you so the super fit can train alongside the beginner and both get a good workout. The circuit will cover upper body, lower body, cardiovascular and torso (tummy and back) exercises giving you a total body workout. The high intensity format of the class ensures maximum calorie burn (an average of 500 calories) both during the session and for up to 24 hours after!

The class is suitable for all fitness levels as you work at your own pace within each station. I constantly monitor and encourage each participant to ensure a safe and effective class.

Happyfit Circuit Class  
Monday8.05pm-9pmLlanymynech Village Hall, Llanymynech, SY22 6EEAll fitness levels

Classes are £6 for pay-as-you go or £4.50 per class if you purchase a 10-class pass (£45).



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