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I have know Rachel for over 3yrs and attended various classes. She has always been welcoming, encouraging and supportive. I can not imagine a more positive person to support a bid to get healthy. Estelle. August 2016

In Rachel's classes you can work as hard or as little as you like – she helps you either way. This means there's never a question of skipping a class because you don't feel up to it. In fact, by the end of the class you'll likely feel better, certainly feel good about yourself and maybe even have laughed at some of Rachel's jokes (actually, that is less likely). By the way, I'm often the only male in her classes and can never understand why – Pilates is great for us blokes and was recommended by my physio. Just turn up once and you'll never look back. Dave Hancock. August 2016

Wonderful pilates classes. Lots of fun and a bit of hard work but only when she's watching you! Very friendly classes and aimed at all abilities. Rachel is very helpful with any problems and would highly recommend joining her classes. Julie Brown. August 2016

I can’t believe how easy the eating and exercise plan is, have already lost a stone, eating lots of meat and vegetables and not feeling hungry, no cravings either! Rachel is always there with good advice and support if you have a problem. Anna Stockbridge. 15 February 2013

"I trained with Rachel for 13 weeks. Once a week. Quit smoking, lost a stone, went from not being able to run a minute to running a race in 3 months. I am the most unlikely person to do this. Awesome. Thanks so much Rachel, you did great with me."
Lee Gorton
29th August 2011

"I have been attending Rachel's Circuit Training and Pilates classes since they began over 18mths ago.  The lessons are fun and enjoyable as well as informative.  Rachel creates a friendly, positive and relaxed atmosphere at all times, emphasising and explaining thoroughly and carefully the benefits of the exercises.  She also makes clear their physiological effects upon the body.  this helps us all to increase our knowledge and understanding of the  exercises/movements that we are performing and how they are advantageous to us.  Rachel's lessons are well structured, with "warm-up" and "cool-down" periods.  She keeps to time, so the lessons are focused and all the exercises follow on naturally from one another, in an obvious sequence.

Rachel diligently provides us with any information and advice as required, and always  demonstrates the exercises fully.  I know that Rachel puts a huge amount of time and effort into her preparation and training - this is clearly evident in the delivery and style of her classes.  Long may they continue!!

Anne Burton
10th January 2011

"A fun, relaxed course [Pilates] which has made a real difference to my flexibility. The sessions are well paced and it's great to feel that you are making progress.
KerryAnne Ford
12th January 2011

"I have been attending pilates, Rachels' classes, from when she first set then up,  and I try hard not to miss a week as I feel I have really 'missed out' if I don't go!   The difference in how my  body feels afterwards is amazing, more supple but relaxed too. It also helps my position when I am riding, giving me much stronger core strength, I am riding better therefore my horse is going better too! The classes are always fun, informative; we know which parts of our bodies we are working and why, but we work hard too! I would recommend them to anyone!"
Jane Macpherson
8th January 2011
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