New shiny website and restarts and moving forward.

Posted on 18th August 2020

Monday 17th August - the day my shiny new website went live.
Monday 17th August - the day I took a deep breath and dared to consider the future beyond lockdown.

Back to classes in September and face-to-face clients. I've laid the groundwork, read all the guidelines (even though they keep changing)  and Covid-19 proofed my business. Moving forward safely and slowly, but moving forward. 

Looking back, it's been a rollercoaster.  A balance of homeschooling, working virtually, daring to plan for after, reworking current systems. trying to be positive and living with the worry and uncertainty.  

The big picture is scary. The smaller picture can be controlled and focused on. So, we do what we can. We look after family and friends and we carry on with our lives.

We focus on what's important. I think exercise is important. It's a small thing but it's also huge. So, I'm looking forward to coming back to class and getting on with moving forward through this.  

Monday 17th August. A good day. I'm ready for what happens next.
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