Christmas Limbo

Posted on 27th December 2020

The period between Christmas and New Year is odd, isn't it? Perhaps even more so in 2020 when we can't go and see people or go on holiday or anything normal. It may be that you are working and this feels like any other week to you but most people, I think, feel a little bit in limbo at this time of year. 

That's fine. It's ok to not do much. I would go so far as to say it's vital (particularly in 2020) to have this downtime at the end of the year. This time where you can rest, look back and also look forward is even more important at the end of 2020.  So use it - not to kick off a major workout routine or to start a radical diet - but use it to regroup, reassess and to make plans. 

Grab a notebook (or your phone or your device) and start taking notes. What went well in 2020 (you may have to dig deep!)? What would you like to do more of? Are there any experiences you would like to repeat? What would you like to achieve in 2020 (big, small, personal or business)? What experiences would you like to have? 

Once you've written it all down. Make a plan. Put some timescales to your plans.  For example, if you wanted to run a half marathon - when?  Then you can plan how many times per week you need to run and the distances etc.
If you want to get out camping - put a few provisional dates in your diary now and work out what needs to be done by when. If you want to get fitter - work out how many times per week you are able to commit to exercise.  Whatever you want to achieve, if you write it down and start making plans around it, it is far more likely to actually happen than if you just have some vague idea.

Your plans only need to be loose at this point and they are not set in stone. They also need to be realistic. That half marathon? It won't happen in February if you can only run a 5k at the moment. That three stone you want to lose? It's not going to happen in three months. Set yourself realistic timescales with room to adapt. Then work out the steps needed to get to the goal and timescale those too. 

The bigger goals? We have all year and things always take longer than you think. So, be adaptable and don't set yourself up for failure with unrealistic timescales. And start slowly. Don't go all out and burn-out by mid-January. 

So, Christmas Limbo time is not a time for action. It's a time for contemplation and planning.  January is time for action when your motivation is high and your plans have been made.  Bring on 2021. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

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